21st Century Liability Anniversary Edition Pink Vinyl


Ships on: July 29, 2024

YUNGBLUD’s debut album 21st Century Liability was originally released in 2018 on Geffen & Locomotion Records. It features the singles “Psychotic Kids,” “California,” “Medication,” “Kill Somebody,” and the title track. This 5-Year Anniversary Edition LP is pressed on transparent pink vinyl with poster insert, housed in a premium silver mirrorboard jacket.

1. Eulogy
2. Die For The Hype
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Medication
5. Machine Gun (F** The NRA)
6. Psychotic Kids

7. Anarchist
8. I Love You, Will You Marry Me
9. Polygraph Eyes
10. Kill Somebody
11. California
12. 21st Century Liability

Limited to 4 per order